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CJZP Series Two-stage Cone Vacuum Pump

Design Standard


Operating parameters:

Exhaust volume:3600m³/h

Discharge pressure:2.7MPa(G)

Produce features:

ʌPyramidal two-stage vacuum pump adopts the special exhaust backflow design, so that the regurgitant gas from exhaust port can return back to exhaust port through the flow channel, it can make the vacuum pump to achieve a higher ultimate vacuum;

ʌIn the unique pyramidal two-stage design, inlet and exhaust port can be very large and deep into the impeller chamber, so that the gas can enter the pump very smoothly, it can reduce the intake and exhaust resistance and achieve higher efficient and larger swept volume.

ʌThe inlet and outlet of cone open vacuum pump is designed on the cone , the cone is deep into the pump. Impeller is cast in one time. The end of impeller is reinforced annularly, it can make the impeller structure very strong.

ʌIn the special working condition, the unique design of cone double-stage vacuum pump has a strong cavitation resistance.

ʌThe impeller of cone opening vacuum pump is biased to the bottom of the shell and the exhaust port is in the bottom of pump. When gas is compressed, the direction of the compression is upward, it can offset part of the unit weight of impeller, so the shaft bears the lowest force, and the shaft life is longer than a flat pump shaft.

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