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FPXT series floating pontoon pump station system

Applying field: 

Urban sewage, mine drainage, petroleum, chemical industry, metallurgy, etc.

Operating parameters:

Flow: ~18000m³/h

Head: ~300m

Temperature: ~80

Produce features:

ʌ Demountable hull structure: pontoon uses the demountable structure, the floating body of the hull is fixed and connected by link block, it is easy and flexible to transport in the land.

ʌVarious impeller hydraulic model can adapt to the large-flow and high-head working condition, the pump can ensure the high-efficiency operation when water level changes in the mine.

ʌEfficient and energy-saving: the pumping system has excellent impeller hydraulic model and excellent anti-cavitation performance. Different impellers are equipped to satisfy large flow and high head, it will avoid the loss of efficiency due to the closing of valve and ensure that all the operating points are in the high zone.

ʌIntrusion start: the inlet of the pump is installed in the cabin. Before opening the pump, inject water into the buoyancy tank of the hull, sink the hull to a certain depth by its own weight, the depth is controlled by the depth of immersion installed in the buoyancy tank. When the hull sank to the specified location, open the valve and the exhaust valve in the pump pipe, the intrusion can be formed automatically, the water will enter into the pump. This design solves the problem of pumping water when the pump vacuumize in the start.

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