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GLP series pipeline pump

Design Standard

JB/T 6878、GB/T5657

Applying field: 

Industrial and urban water supply and drainage, pressurized water supply in high-rise building, garden irrigation, fire pressurization, HVAC refrigeration cycle

Operating parameters:

Flow: ~1450m³/h

Head: ~160m

Temperature: ~80

Produce features:

ʌThe impeller is installed in the extended shaft of motor directly, it is short in axial dimension and compact in structure.

ʌThe pump and motor bearings are configurated reasonably, it can balance the radial and axial loads in the operation of the pump effectively, thus ensuring the smooth operation and low vibration and noise of the pump.

ʌThe shaft seal adopts the mechanical seal or mechanical seal combination, using  imported titanium alloy seal ring, middle-sized high temperature mechanical seal, cemented carbide and hard-wearing seal, it can effectively extend the working life of the mechanical seal.

ʌIt is easy to install and maintain, without disassembling the pipeline system, the users can pull out all the rotor components by discharging the conjoined nut.

ʌChoose the operating mode of series or parallel according to the usage requirements of flow and head.

ʌChoose vertical or horizontal installation according to the requirements of pipeline arrangement.


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