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QP series submersible sewage pump

Design Standard


Applying field: 

Slurry transportation in metallurgy and mineral separation factory, hydraulic dusting in power plant, transportation of coal slurry and media in coal cleaning plant, dredging river , river dredging

Operating parameters:

Flow: 190m³/h

Head: 50m

Temperature: ~60

Produce features:

ʌUnique sealing cable design can effectively prevent leakage due to the rupture of the cable;

ʌThe leakage detection probe in the wiring chamber can send an alarm to the leakage in the wiring chamber, the pump control system implements protection to the pump;

ʌThe motor stator adopts f-level insulation, each phase is equipped with thermal overload protection device;

ʌMotor shaft adopts stainless steel, and rotor balancing test is performed to ensure the stable operation of the pump;

ʌThe motor stator is cooled by self-circulation cooling system, it can improve the working environment of the motor. It allows the pump to run above the liquid level or in dry installation

ʌTwo seal monitoring, the alarm will be triggered if any of the seal is leaked;

ʌThe material of both sides of the mechanical seal is carborundum, it ensures the long-term safety and reliable operation of the pump;

ʌDue to the design of channel impeller, the pump possesses the features of strong passing ability, anti-clogging, high efficiency, total head speciality ,it is easier to adjust the flow of the pump and to select the pump type.


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