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LP series submerged slurry pump

Design Standard


Applying field: 

Sewage treatment, cement plants, power plants, petrochemical industry, mining drainage

Operating parameters:

Flow: 800m³/h

Head: 90m

Temperature: ~80℃

Produce features:

ʌAdopt vertical cantilever type, single-casing structure;

ʌSemi-open impeller design, adopt hard alloy rubber impeller;

ʌCylinder bearing assembly, adopt high-capacity bearing design, bearing is lubricated by grease;

ʌThe gap between impeller and guard plate can be adjusted to ensure the efficient operation of the pump;

ʌNo shaft seal;

ʌPump and the driver can choose direct drive, V-belt drive;

ʌAdopting the rubber flow component and rubber lined parts which is in contact with the seriflux, the design can be adapt to strong corrosive conditions.

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