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ZG series horizontal slurry pumps

Design Standard


Operating parameters:

Flow: ~2200m³/h

Head: ~116m

Temperature: ~120℃

Produce features:

ʌPump and bracket are connected by bolts. According to different requirements, the exit of pump can be rotated to 8 different angles, each angle is 45 degrees. It provides   favorable conveniences for users in local pipeline demand and achieving multi-connecting.

ʌThere is adjusting bolt on the bracket. By switching it, the bearing housing moves in axial direction, so as to adjust gaps between the impeller and front fenders. This ensure the pump to run in the high efficiency point all the time.

ʌThe design of flow component can fully guarantee the interchangeability of the replacement part;

ʌHorizontal split bearing assembly choose the high-capacity bearing design. The bearing is lubricated by oil, and equipped with two sets of bearing cooling system to ensure safe and reliable operation;

ʌThe bearing is installed with a temperature measuring device, so that the users can collect the data simply.

ʌShaft sealing uses packing seal, packing and auxiliary impeller seal and lumped mechanical seal, which suits various working conditions.

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