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ZH/ZHA series single-stage and single-suction cantilever petrochemical process pump

Design Standard


Operating parameters:

Flow: ~2600m³/h

Head: ~250m

Temperature: ~450℃

Produce features:

ʌSafe and reliable structure, stable operation;

ʌAverage high efficiency of the pump, low energy consumption, it is the ideal choice for energy-saving products;

ʌOur products have excellent cavitation performance, it is much better than similar products in other domestic companies. The minimum NPSH of many products can be as low as about 0.5m, individual products can be even lower, the NPSHR value in general products is about 1m. Due to low NPSHR value can reduce the installation height of petrochemical equipment, so the choice of ZH series pump can save expenditures for the users;

ʌThe pump has a broad performance, and the interval of the flow curve and head curve is very close, it provides convenience to for the users to select pumps.

ʌThere are three cooling types of the bearing, air cooling, fan cooling, water cooling, it can be selected by the temperature of the pump. Among them, the fan cooling is particularly suitable for water shortage or poor water quality;

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