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MDL series vertical long axis multistage centrifugal pump

Design Standard


Applying field: 

Metallurgy, mining, papermaking, chemical industry, tap-water, urban water supply and drainage, light, water intaking engineering of fresh water, seawater and other similar liquid.

Operating parameters:

Flow: ~70000m³/h

Head: ~200m

Temperature: ~80

Produce features:

ʌExcellent hydraulic model, high efficiency;

ʌFlow - power curve turn to flatten, the operation of the pump is very smooth, and the pump is anti-overloading;

ʌSpecially designed bearing component can load axial force, the motor has a wide range of choice;

ʌAdvanced and reasonable bearing lubrication manner and structure;

ʌAdopt chromeplate on the surface of axis, it can simplify the structure and is easy to maintain;

ʌUnique connection type of the shaft, it can avoid bending the shaft, reasonable guide bearing aspect ratio, shaft sticking will not occur.

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