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DS series radial split volute pump

Design Standard


Operating parameters

Flow: ~3700m³/h

Head: ~280m

Temperature: ~450℃

Produce features:

ʌThe pump is radially split and center support structure, it is suitable for high temperature running; The pump body adopts double volute chamber structure to balance radial force;

ʌThe design of double pump cover has a strong versatility; Cooling chamber is installed in seal chamber, it can reduce the working temperature of the seal and prolong the service life of mechanical seal;

ʌThe design of impeller is double-suction structure, it can balance the axial force and reduce NPSH.

ʌThe pump adopts rigid shaft design, the shaft is in stretching status in working condition, it has a high reliability; The design of conical shaft-extension makes it easier to dismounting and maintain;

ʌThe standard configuration is angular contact ball bearing and deep groove ball bearing, the bearing is lubricated by thin oil, it is safe and reliable, and has a long life;

ʌMechanical seal and the necessary auxiliary equipment are chosen according to the situation of transmission medium. Seal at the entrance only withstands the inlet pressure, it is safe and reliable in operation.

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