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HDMK series horizontal split multistage centrifugal pumps

Design Standard


Operating parameters




Product Features

ʌExcellent impeller hydraulic model is adopted, the model has high efficiency, its efficiency is 5~10% higher than similar domestic products. The high efficiency area is wide enough to ensure maximum efficiency of the products; The impeller is arranged back-to-back design to balance the axial force, the still existing residual axial force is sustained by the thrust bearing. The single impeller is fixed on the shaft, to ensure the vibration stability of the rotor.

ʌDouble suction impeller adopts advanced design structure, the two-side impeller are arranged averagely and staggered; It can change the frequency of the liquid flowing out of the impeller and ensure the reliable and stable operation of the unit;

ʌThe pump body adopts horizontal level split structure, inlet and outlet are both at the bottom of the shaft center line. It is not required to move the pipeline and motor because the pump can be simply maintained by opening the pump cover and lifting out of the rotor;

ʌThe pump body is supported in center line. When the temperature of pump body, the suction and outlet changes, the pump body transforms uniformly, however the influence to the accuracy is rather small.
ʌIn the pumping chamber, double volute structure is adopted to balance the radial force. it will eliminate or reduce the alternating stress that acts on the rotor, reduce the impact of fatigue to the shaft and extend pump life;

ʌThe design of bearing lubrication adopts oil lubrication and giant pool, it can satisfy the need of the running, type of cooling is: natural cooling, air cooling, water cooling;

ʌDecompression chamber is installed in the high-pressure side of pump, it is connected to the suction side by balance pipe. The chamber is used to balance the pressure of seal chamber in the high-pressure side, reduce the pressure in the mechanical seal chamber.

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