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HDMG Series High Pressure Multistage Centrifugal Pump

Design Standard


Applying field

electric power、energy、water supply、chemical industry、general industry.

Operating parameters

Flow: ~1250m³/h

Head: ~1200m

Temperature: ~210

Produce features:

ʌThe combination of advanced modular design, local components have experienced extensive use and long-running trail, the parts have a high interchangeability;

ʌThe pump adopts the design of high-strength forging structure, high-grade material, multifarious inlet and outlet flange and pipe, the working life is five times that of ordinary casting. The wholistic processing and smooth surface of the flow area improve the efficiency by 2% than the casting.

ʌRapid assembly and disassembly design can save the time of repairing and examining.

ʌThe combination of high efficient, high reliable and low cost will make the pump to maintain its stable head and high operating efficiency in the long run.

ʌDue to good cavitation performance, users do not need to configure additional pre-pump or increase the height of inlet tank.

ʌThe balance of axial force adopts balance disc, balance drum or double balance drum.The residual axial force is sustained by rolling bearing or tile type thrust bearing .By appending the protective device of antifriction bearing or segment bearing, it can prevent the balance disc and balance disc holder from wearing or damaging under abnormal operating conditions.

ʌSafe seal design in pumps: the pump body adopts the two-face metallic rigidity seal, spiral wound gasket or o-ring seal.

ʌAccording to the requirements of the users, the pump can add the minimum flow system and center tap.


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