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ZP series single-stage cone liquid ring vacuum pump

Design Standard


Operating parameters:

Pumping volume:39000m³/h

Inspiratory pressure:16kpa

Produce features:

ʌDistributor adopts the pyramidal structure design, under the condition of the same pump body volume, it can increase the system swept volume, improve the efficiency of the internal flow and save the energy by 6 to 8%;

ʌThe cone distributor is inlayed into the impeller inner ring, after the formation of liquid ring, the distributor is almost in no contact with liquid ring. It can avoid the formation of scale, greatly improve the pump life and reduce the cost of the late maintenance;

ʌThe unique and flexible suction and exhaust port optimization design allows side and bottom exhaust. Within the limited installation space, it can reduce floor space, no trenching is required, and it is suitable for field installation.

ʌUnder the condition of high negative pressure, the cone vacuum pump can ensure high swept volume. It can be used in very high demand for vacuum degree and swept volume. In this way, the working efficiency can be improved.

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