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1976        The company was founded as a township enterprise.

1983        It entered into close cooperation with Shanghai Pump Manufacture Co., Ltd. and went to Shanghai factory for training and on-site guidance, to make the water pump enter the market successfully.

1995        It also merged Jiangdu Water Conservancy Machinery Plant to establish Yangzhou Changjiang River Pump Co., Lt

2000        It entered Jiangdu Economic Development Zone of new plant zone (Zhujiang Road), and acquired national high-tech enterprise qualification, Mining main drainage pump, gas drainage pump became leading supplier domestically.

2001        Domestically leading whole turbine set was operated in Luxi Chemical Group Co.,Ltd.

2002        It set up Shanghai R & D center to be dedicated to high-end pumps localization.

2003        The first negative kilometer-deep pit drainage pump in the nation, operated successfully in Panxi Coal Mine.

2005        The most advanced forging negative kilometer-deep pit drainage pump globally operated successfully in Liuzhuang Coal Mine.

2006        The domestically leading liquid rotary compressor had outlet pressure of 7bar and was put into operation in Jiangyin.

2010        The branch company of Jiangsu Changjiang River Pump Co., Ltd.  was newly established.

2011        The world's largest liquid ring vacuum pump (single pump of 66 tons) was tested successfully.

2012        It obtained provincial Technology R&D Program: millions of set spray pump project of the nuclear power plant, and was accepted smoothly.

2014        On February 7, Jiangsu Changjiang Water Pumps was put into production.


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